Antony Micallef Print, “21st Century Love”, 2005


Item Description

Giclee print, edition of 95, signed by the artist.
Archival framed with museum glass, print size 76 x 76 cm.

21st century love is one of Antony Micallef’s most popular and iconic prints.
British artist Antony Micallef’s work critiques contemporary popular culture. Although a skilled portrait painter, his newer pieces are nothing if not eclectic, drawing on diverse influences such as the old masters, graffiti, fashion magazines and Japanese cartoons. Micallef works corporate logos, contemporary symbols and motifs into these beautiful yet dark commentaries on the vacuous nature of modern consumerist society.

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Width: 35.43 in. (90 cm);
Height: 35.43 in. (90 cm);
Depth: 1.18 in. (3 cm)