Louise Bourgeois Crochet V, 1998


Item Description

Louise Bourgeois
Crochet V, 1998
MixografĂ­a print on handmade paper
Edition 45/50
Measure: 33 x 28 inches
84 x 72 centimeters
Signed, numbered and framed

Louise Bourgeois (American/French, 1911-2010) A gorgeous three dimensional print of Louise Bourgeois made with a bas relief printing process. The only figurative image from the ‘Crochet’ series. The print exudes the feminine, presenting a mysterious image of the back of a female head with cascading braid form.

Mixografia is a printing process which achieves a three-dimensional print with a raised surface. It is very sculptural in effect and detail. Bourgeois, as directed by the publisher, created a model or “maquette” with a combination of materials which she incised, impressed, collaged and built up into a relief form. A mold was then taken from this work, which produced a concave plate that was further inked and then printed. Bourgeois immersed herself in this process and she achieved the beautiful bright red roping hairlike form that rises up from the white paper ground of the print.
In excellent condition.

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Width: 28.35 in. (72 cm);
Height: 33.07 in. (84 cm);
Depth: 0.39 in. (1 cm)