Artifort 905 Sofa


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Artifort 905 3-seater sofa by the Artifort design team lead by Kho Liang Ie, 1964. Upholstered in a dark grey woolen fabric by De Ploeg that is not damaged but slightly worn and stained. Reupholstery recommended. Kho Liang Ie (1927–1975), a pivotal figure in 20th-century Dutch design, left an indelible mark on the modernist movement. Renowned as an architect, industrial designer, and interior designer, Ie played a key role in shaping the aesthetic landscape of post-war Europe. His work, characterized by clean lines, functionality, and a harmonious blend of form and material, garnered international acclaim. As the artistic director of the renowned Dutch design company Artifort, Ie created iconic furniture pieces, including the sleek and minimalist “C684” sofa. His commitment to innovative design and collaboration with other influential designers cemented his legacy, making Kho Liang Ie a trailblazer whose impact continues to resonate in contemporary design circles.

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Chrome, Steel, Wool


Fair Wear consistent with age and use.


Height: 28.35 in (72 cm) Width: 80.71 in (205 cm) Depth: 31.11 in (79 cm) Seat Height: 16.54 in (42 cm)

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