Comprehensive Arabia Ruska Tableware Set


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The iconic Arabia RUSKA range was designed in 1960 by the Finnish designer Ulla Procopé. Ruska was in many ways a groundbreaking design from Ulla Procopé. It’s oven-to-table capability, durability in daily use and it’s rustic and earthy look define this extremely desirable series.
Ruska’s rugged surface, similar to Japanese Raku pottery, was created with an unusual decorating method: powdered iron was applied to a matte glazing, giving each piece a slightly unique artisanal and smoky look.
This particular set of over 100 pieces covers the whole range of what a complete crockery set needs. Some rare pieces are worth mentioning; an oven dish, two large 13” serving platters, a milk jug and a great variety of dinner- and cake plates.
The pieces will be wrapped individually and packed in a custom made plywood crate for safe shipping.

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Ceramic, Glazed




Height: 7.88 in (20 cm) Width: 39.38 in (100 cm) Depth: 39.38 in (100 cm)

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