Goffredo Reggiani G32 Wall Light


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Goffredo Reggiani wall lamp, a chromed bent steel rod supports a fully adjustable white metal diffuser. Electrification in perfect original condition, on/off switch on the wall mount. Wired for use in the USA. Marked with Reggiani label.
Goffredo Reggiani is a visionary artist and lighting designer whose work has left an indelible mark on the world of illumination. With an innate understanding of the interplay between light and space, Reggiani has created extraordinary lighting installations that transcend functionality and become works of art in their own right. His designs combine innovation, precision, and a meticulous attention to detail, resulting in breathtaking compositions that enhance architectural spaces and evoke emotional responses. Reggiani’s use of cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials reflects his commitment to environmental consciousness. Through his exceptional talent and creativity, Goffredo Reggiani has revolutionized the field of lighting design, shaping the way we perceive and experience our surroundings. His legacy as a visionary in the world of illumination continues to inspire and awe audiences globally.

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Chrome, Steel, Enameled




Height: 25.6 in (65 cm) Width: 5.91 in (15 cm) Depth: 14.97 in (38 cm)

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