Mathieu Matégot Satellite Outdoor Pendant


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Based on Mathieu Matégot’s original design concept from 1953, the design features an ovoid shade crafted from a perforated sheet of stainless steel, topped with an aluminum cap that helps direct the light. Playful and modern even 70 years after their first creation, Satellite is ideal for installation on covered patios, verandas, or other sheltered dining areas. Never installed, only for the photos.
Mathieu Matégot (1910 – 2001) was a versatile, independent and self-taught Hungarian designer, architect and artist who spent most of his life in his beloved Paris, where he for the first time settled in 1931 after finishing his studies at Budapest’s School of Art and Architecture. In 1939, Matégot signed up as a volunteer for the French army but was held as a prisoner in Germany until he escaped in 1944. This wartime captivity was an important time, career-wise, for Matégot as it was here he was able to familiarise himself with the innovative material and technique, Rigitulle – which later would become the characteristic trait of his.

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Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Enameled




Height: 12.41 in (31.5 cm) Width: 17.72 in (45 cm) Depth: 10.63 in (27 cm)

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