Desk Lamp by Stilnovo

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Adjustable desk lamp by Stilnovo. Stilnovo, a hallmark of the mid-20th-century Italian design movement, seamlessly marries form and function. Emerging in the post-World War II era, Stilnovo reflect an avant-garde approach to lighting design. Distinctive for their clean lines, geometric shapes, and innovative use of materials, Stilnovo fixtures blend modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. The company’s iconic pendant lamps, often featuring bold colors and asymmetrical configurations, epitomize its commitment to pushing boundaries. Stilnovo’s emphasis on both aesthetic appeal and practicality revolutionized the lighting industry, influencing subsequent generations of designers. Today, these vintage masterpieces continue to illuminate spaces with a timeless radiance, embodying the enduring legacy of Stilnovo in the world of design and decor.

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Acrylic, Chrome, Steel, Enameled


Good Wear consistent with age and use.


Height: 17.72 in (45 cm) Width: 9.85 in (25 cm) Depth: 5.91 in (15 cm)

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