Fluorescent Floor Lamp by Gian Nicola Gigante

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Item Description

Floor lamp designed by Gian Nicola Gigante for Zerbetto, Italy, 1980s. This Italian designer is known for his ingenious fluorescent lamps. This rare piece is very versatile as shown in the photos and is indebted to the art of Dan Flavin. Dan Flavin was a pioneering American artist renowned for his minimalist light installations. Using fluorescent tubes as his primary medium, Flavin created vibrant and immersive environments that transformed ordinary spaces into mesmerizing visual experiences. His innovative use of light and color challenged traditional notions of sculpture and expanded the possibilities of artistic expression. Flavin’s work explored the interplay between light, space, and perception, inviting viewers to engage with their surroundings in a new and dynamic way. His legacy as a trailblazer in the realm of light art continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Additional Information


Steel, Enameled


Good Wear consistent with age and use.


Height: 11.82 in (30 cm) Width: 63 in (160 cm) Depth: 5.91 in (15 cm)

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