Alessandro Mendini Papilo Coffee Table


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Alessandro Mendini designed the Papio table from his Nuova Alchimia collection in 1985. This elegant table made of aluminum and crystal glass is very versatile, it offers endless compositions because the top glass top is not connected to the base. A leading example of the playful creativity of the post-modern movement with important designers like Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Branzi and Shiro Kuramata.
Alessandro Mendini, an Italian architect and designer, was a visionary force in the world of contemporary design. His work transcended boundaries and blended art with functionality, creating iconic pieces that challenged conventional norms. Mendini’s designs were characterized by bold colors, playful shapes, and a sense of whimsy. His influential contributions include the iconic Proust armchair, the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, and collaborations with renowned brands like Alessi and Swatch. Mendini’s artistic philosophy focused on the idea of “design as a form of poetry,” making his creations not just objects, but expressions of creativity and emotion. His legacy continues to inspire and shape the design landscape.

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Aluminum, Glass


Good This piece was used in an art gallery only and is still in excellent condition.


Height: 18.12 in (46 cm) Width: 25.2 in (64 cm) Depth: 24.41 in (62 cm)

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