Hammered Brass Coffee Table by Illum Wikkelsø


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Monumental coffee table in hammered and etched brass by Illum Wikkelsø with an oak veneer base and a black dye plinth. Unique piece.   Illum Wikkelsø (1919-1999) was a prominent Danish furniture designer known for his minimalist and functional creations during the mid-20th century. His work embodied the essence of Scandinavian design, characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and natural materials. Wikkelsø’s innovative approach to furniture design made him a significant figure in the Danish Modern movement. He often used teak and rosewood, emphasizing the beauty of wood grain in his pieces. His iconic designs, such as the “Capella” chair and “Boomerang” sofa, continue to inspire contemporary designers and enthusiasts worldwide, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of modern furniture design.

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Brass, Oak, Etched


Good Wear consistent with age and use.


Height: 19.69 in (50 cm) Width: 29.93 in (76 cm) Depth: 58.67 in (149 cm)

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