Minimalist Brazilian Rosewood Coffee Table


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Beautiful Brazilian rosewood Mid-Century Modern architectural coffee table. Refined geometrical base in solid rosewood with clear glass top.
Brazilian rosewood, also known as Dalbergia nigra, is a rare and valuable hardwood species that is native to Brazil. The wood is known for its beautiful coloration, which ranges from light brown to dark purple-brown, as well as its distinctive grain patterns. Brazilian Rosewood is highly prized in the furniture industry due to its durability, density, and natural oils that make it resistant to decay and insect infestations. It has been used to create high-end furniture, musical instruments, and decorative items for centuries. However, due to over harvesting, Brazilian Rosewood is now a protected species and is heavily regulated in international trade.

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Glass, Rosewood


Good Wear consistent with age and use.


Height: 15.75 in (40 cm) Width: 32.29 in (82 cm) Depth: 32.29 in (82 cm)

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