John Baldessari Sediment, Throat, Nose and Spider, 2010


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John Baldessari Sediment: Throat, Nose and Spider (2010) Print size: 41.3 x 38.1 cm Framed, signed and numbered on a label on the back from the edition of 120
John Baldessari ranks as doyen of the contemporary art scene at the West coast of the United States and is already regarded as a classic position in post-war art history. Starting as a painter, Baldessari aims in his videos, collages, sculptures, photographs and reliefs at the deconstruction of mass-mediated images, agencies and notions of perception. A special focus of his interest lies in Anglo-American pop culture. Several works are based on pictures of music groups and stills from cinema, which he alienates playfully by adding colorful circles and patterns. More recently, Baldessari emphasizes human sensory organs so that mouths, noses and ears on the collected visual material resemble artificial limbs. In his edition for Texte zur Kunst Baldessari directly links to this characteristic body of works. His digital print “Sediment: Throat, Nose and Spider” (2010) resembles an abstracted head shown form a low angle. The shape and the two holes that indicate the nose contrast with the white background as well as the black amorphous figure which makes one think of a spider. An ecstatic cry? Or abstract forms with anthropomorphic and narrative allusions? In any case a true Baldessari!

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Height: 16.26 in. (41.3 cm) Width: 15.01 in. (38.1 cm) Depth: 0.4 in. (1 cm)

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