Pair of Ingo Maurer Lucetto Pendants


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Rare pair of Ingo Maurer Lucetto pendants with the early yellow transparent canopy. Glass, plastic, heat-resistant shade. Height freely adjustable with pulley and ring. International shipping (including US) is complementary (for free). Priced as a set. Ingo Maurer, a luminary in the world of lighting design, is celebrated for his avant-garde and innovative creations. His imaginative lighting fixtures blend art and functionality in a mesmerizing dance of illumination. Maurer’s works are known for pushing boundaries, using unconventional materials, and defying traditional design norms. His iconic pieces, like the “Birdie” and “Porca Miseria!” lamps, have earned him a cult following and a permanent place in design history. Ingo Maurer’s legacy shines brightly, inspiring future generations of designers to explore the limitless possibilities of light, form, and artistic expression. His brilliance continues to illuminate the design world.

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Glass, Plastic, Stainless Steel


Fair Wear consistent with age and use.


Height: 61.03 in (155 cm) Diameter: 11.03 in (28 cm)

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